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Things to do on your Valletta trip

Valletta, the high on architecture city is the capital of Malta. The European city is a hot destination for tourists from across the globe, the main attractions being the ancient churches, palaces, museums and waterfronts.

Valletta has an incredible climate, a whole lot of heritage sites and some of the world- renowned bars and restaurants to explore. While Rome and Paris are also beautiful European cities with rich history and culture, Valletta in Malta is also equally stunning however less explored. If you are planning a weekend getaway, try this small yet fantastic city that has amazing things to offer.

Valletta City Gate and Parliament Building

Built using the beautiful limestone, the Royal Opera House and the parliament building make a great impression. The stunning gate is out of the ordinary and the entire space provides a fine backdrop to take some splendid pictures. Roam around the buildings and take some time out to admire the great architecture work.

Barrakka Gardens

Visit the Barrakka gardens and laze around the beautiful waters across which you can enjoy the spectacular nature, away from the busy and narrow urban streets. Just sit in the courtyard and unwind with your family/friends. Barrakka Gardens should definitely be on your priority list of places to visit in Valletta.

Roam around the limestone streets

Limestone is found abundantly in Valletta. The limestone buildings are rich and look gorgeous while the balconies, the statues at the end of the streets and the colorful bright doors and windows offer a delight to the eyes. Just walk down the lanes and experience one of a kind.

National Archaeology Museum

This historic museum houses artifacts that date back to 3000 BC. This might not be of interest to every one of you out there but please note; the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta is one of the best and oldest in the world. However, if you love history and art, this place is the first you must visit. Entry fee to the museum is also modest.

Take a cruise around Valetta

Valletta is surrounded by wonderful waters and small lively towns on either side. Going on a cruise is the best way to get an insight into the city’s culture and learn about its distinct past. Valletta is closely associated with the sea. Taking a trip around this small city will also let you explore the neighboring Tunisian and Italian waters.

Gozo, Comino and Blue Lagoon

Comino offers a fantastic opportunity for you to snorkel and swim. The blue lagoon is a treat to the eyes and attracts millions of tourists every year. After you’ve seen Comino and Blue Lagoon, you can either take a bus to Gozo or walk along admiring the path. offers cabs that you can book for your Valletta trip. We have networks with hundreds of suppliers, whose prices can be compared before booking. We guarantee fair and true market prices besides well behaved and experienced drivers. Our prices also include toll and taxes. Book now on the website or download the!