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Travel Tips For Your Sliema Holiday

If you are visiting Malta, Sliema should be on your must-see list. The beautiful small city has a marvelous skyline, promenade you can take a stroll by and a warm, friendly crowd that welcome visitors with open arms. There are bars, numerous restaurants that offer delicious local cuisine and winebars all along the streets that provide the tourists the best holiday experience ever.

Sliema is also the social and commercial hub for the people of Malta and the tourists. The city offers great nightlife and shopping opportunities with its clubs and malls doing the magic.

Walk the promenade

The promenade along the waters is one of the main attractions of Sliema. It separates St. Julians from Marsamxett Harbor . All along the promenade, you will find real estate hubs and shopping malls that make an impression. You will also find several restaurants and leisurely places where you can sit, chat and enjoy the local food.

Hotels in Sliema

There are a lot of hotels in Sliema to suit varied budgets and tastes. The Fortizza area, St. Anne’s Square and Spinola Bay are very popular and if you plan to stay at any one of these locations, you will be spoilt for choice. Some hotels also offer a car service to drive around the city but if you want the best deal, try exploring

Bars and restaurants

Right fromTa' Xbiex up to Paceville, there are plenty of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a pizza, a snack, drink or a full meal. Temptasian, Mint and Paradise Exiles are a few worth mentioning here. The city also has amazing clubs that offer a wonderful nightlife.


There are numerous swimming spots all along the coastline however the most popular spot lies between Fortizza and the Balluta Bay. The region is rocky but the view from here is spectacular. Sunbathers throng the beaches where they laze around facing the crystal-clear blue waters.

Landmarks of interest

If you’ve had enough of the beaches, restaurants and malls, just walk down the old, narrow streets of Sliema and appreciate the traditional building architecture. There are balconies, churches and statues at almost every street corner that are hard to miss. You can also visit The Chapel of our Lady of Graces, St. Julian’s Tower, Independence Gardens, Chalet and many such landmarks in Sliema.

How to reach Sliema from Malta airport

Sliema is a popular tourist destination and getting here is not at all difficult. There are numerous options to reach Sliema from Malta airport, the cheapest being public transport. However, if convenience is on top of your mind, just browse through to find the best travel offer and enjoy your holiday. The distance from Malta airport to Sliema is just 10km.

The other options are taxis and shuttle services.

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